Aside from being a photographer and coach I am first and foremost a child of the living King Jesus Christ! Without Him I would be nothing and would have none of this. I grew up playing baseball since I was 7 years old. I was a three sport athlete in high school and played college baseball at Delgado Community College & Cornerstone University. The experiences and life lessons that I have learned through baseball have be instrumental for my life. I can't imagine who I would be today if it wasn't for sports. Aside from sports I have a passion for design and the challenge of creating something beautiful. Even at a young age whether it was building something out of legos or drawing something in a sketch pad, the art of making something unique always attracted me. Photography really fit in well with my creative passion and mixing that with my passion for serving and sports is a match made in heaven. Being creative with photography and doing so with sports while having the pleasure and honor of serving others with my gift...well I can't really put in words to describe what that brings me. I enjoy playing the guitar and writing songs or just jamming with friends. Being surround with sports most of my life I am a big family guy. If God is number one in my life family is definitely number two. I have two younger brothers and an amazing Mom and Dad that I call family. Communication is something that I strive to be good at. If I can't clearly and effectively share who Jesus is or who I am then all I do is in vain. Being in a relationship with a girl beyond what I could dream of has taught me how to really communicate with others and I pride myself in being able to do so now. My goal or what my motives are for doing sports photography, recruiting videos, and hitting lessons is to bless others by using the talent God has so generously blessed me with. I want to make something that brings a smile to your family, that brings an opportunity to your child, and that helps your child become a better athlete through the knowledge that I have to give. Above all I want to be a Godly influence to others, showing them what the love of God looks like by being an example of that love. Its not just a business that I am running...its a chance to be a blessing that I take part in! 

- Hozana Arceri

Thank You!